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Mainelymel.com is mainly about, well, me.  It’s about my products, my thoughts and interests, and eventually you may hear from friends and family. 

I hope you enjoy the site and find something that interests YOU.


how old do you have to be to get a prescription for viagra" I am not that tech savvy and am still trying to get a shopping feature added to the site.  For now I will be posting products on Craigslist for Hampton Roads in Virginia and on Ebay under Mainelymel* ."

/autoimmu. Htm   vijendra k. Singh, ph. D. Biotechnology center; department of biology utah state university; 4700 old main hill logan, ut  84322-4700 singhvk@biology.usu.edu 435-797-7193 recent publications singh, v. K. , lin, s. X. , newell, e. And courtney, n. , abnormal measles virus serology and cns autoimmunity in children with autism. J. Biomedical sciences 461: 259-364 (2002). Singh, v. K. , cytikine regulation in autism. In: cytokines and mental health (edited by ziad kronfol (2003), pp. 369-383, kluwer academic publishers, boston, ma, usa. Singh, v. K. , neuro-immunopathogenesis in autism.   in: new frontier of biology (edited by i. Berczi and r. M. Gorcyznski), pp. 443-454 (2001), elsevier science b. V. Inc. , the netherlands. Singh, v. cheap generic viagra cheap viagra buy viagra online cheap viagra on line overnight cheap viagra online viagra online discount generic viagra 100 mg viagra for sale cheap generic viagra buy viagra online overnight shipping K. "plasma increase of interleukin-12 and interferon-gamma: pathological significance in autism. " journal of neuroimmunology vol. 66, 1996, pp. 143-145. Singh, v. K. "immunotherapy for brain diseases and mental illness. " progress in drug research vol. 48, 1997, pp. 129-146. Singh, v. K. "neuroautoimmunity: pathogenic implications for alzheimer's disease. " gerontology vol. 43, 1997, pp. 79-94. Singh, v. K. Et al. "circulating autoantibodies to neuronal and glial filaments in autism. " pediatric neurology vol. 17, 1997, pp. 88-90. Singh, v. K. Et al. "hyperserotoninemia and serotonin receptor antibodies in children with autism but not mental retardation. " biological psychiatry vol. 41, 1997, pp. 753-755. Singh, v. K. Et al. "serological association of measles virus and human herpesvirus-6 with brain autoantibodies in autism. " clinical immunology and immunopathology vol. 89, 1998, pp. 105-108. Reprinted from latitudes , vol. 4, no. 2; published by acn. Copyright ©2007 association for comprehensive neurotherapy. All rights reserved. Latitudes is a quarterly online publication of the association for comprehensive neurotherapy (acn). Every issue has information on non-toxic approaches to autism, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety, tourette syndrome, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity. Subscription: $40. To order online click here. Or, fax address and credit card information to (561) 798-98.